Umida Group AB

As a small and innovative company, Umida has the privilege to operate with agility and entrepreneurial spirit. Through Umida Ventures, we aim to develop win-win partnerships with creative individuals to build co-owned collaborative brands. Each new co-owned company operate with joint efforts from both parties with the goal to be profitable within 2-3 years from launch.


JOLUCA Cocktails is a jointly owned company and brand between the Swedish YouTube influencer and comedian group JLC and Umida Group. JOLUCA was established at the beginning of the year 2022, with the join goal to launch innovative products and build a strong beverage brand together by combining JLC’s platform, knowledge and appeal in social media and the beverage-related knowledge from Umida. Today there are three products in the portfolio – Rum & Cola, Gin & Tonic and Joluca Lada Pineapple and Coconut.

The trio JLC consists of Jonas Fagerström, Lucas Simonsson and Carl Déman. They founded JLC in early 2017 and have since grown in popularity mainly through their YouTube channel which has over 700,000 subscribers and each episode averages half a million views. When combining this reach with their individual social media channels, podcast and TV series for Discovery Plus, it is easy to see how JLC are one of the most sought-after celebrity brands to work with currently.



In 2022, together with four entrepreneurs, Umida created the brand JÄRN for alcohol-free products, with two alcohol-free spirits within the portfolio. The ambition is that the products will be an alternative for those ’substituters’ who still want to participate in social
contexts where alcohol is present, without having to consume alcohol. Sales are focused to restaurants, bar, nightclubs and also through the direct-to-consumer webshop www.jä .