Umida Group AB

Umida Brands consists of brands which are owned and marketed by Umida with a sales and marketing focus on the Swedish, Nordic and European markets.


Doctor Cane Dark Rum is a sustainable choice product which launched in 2022 after winning a tender with Systembolaget, the Swedish monopoly.


Ekobryggeriet was launched in the spring of 2017 and today is a market-leading organic premium tonic brand. Ekobryggeriet was founded by three Swedish entrepreneurs and has grown to have wide presence on the Swedish retail scene with central listings in ICA, COOP, Willys, Hemköp and City Gross, as well as being represented within on trade and the airline SAS in ten international markets.




ELIN is a portfolio of premium spirits and ready-to-drinks sold primarly within the Swedish monopoly. Since launch in 2020 there are now six products available to consumers, all which have won palcements in Systembolaget through tender wins, showcasing the exceptional quality of the liquids.


Nightwatch Premium Rum was launched in 2019 after the liquid won a tender in the Swedish monopoly. Over the past four years it has held store listings throughout Sweden and also seen some export to the Nordics and Europe.


The Pirate Bay is a classic and clean premium white rum launched in 2019 after winning a placement in the Swedish monopoly. To this day the product is still available to Swedish consumers due to its successful combination of quality liquid, sustainable packaging and reasonable pricing.


Tropida Tropical Punch is an organic wine based ready-to-drink which launched in 2022 following a tender win through Systembolaget, the Swedish monopoly.


Vinfabriken is a well-established beverage brand in Sweden that was founded in 2009. Over the years Vinfabriken’s portfolio of products has consisted of several different products, however the primarily product range is within glögg. Vinfabrikens Äppelglögg and G-Glögi are currently sold at Systembolaget, in grocery retail and for export to Germany and Australia.


Blomberg is an established B2B brand – the end customers are from both the private sector and the public sector. Many of Blomberg’s products have fixed listings via procurement profits, with a portolfio including cooking wine, vinegar and olive oil.

Monte Flor is a further development of Blomberg and currently consists of two wine products, an organic white wine and an organic red wine, both packaged in a 10-liter bag in box. The majority of sales within Monte Flor are in the catering market but in 2022 both were made available via Systembolaget’s order assortment.