Umida Group AB

Business Areas

The Umida Group AB is a group of companies in the beverage industry comprising Götene Vin & Spritfabrik AB, Vinfabriken AB, Cefour International and Brands For Fans AB. We produce, market and sell wines, spirits, ciders, mulled wines and other alcoholic beverages, and we also have many non-alcoholic options in our portfolio. Moreover, the range includes a wide variety of cooking products for the large-scale catering market.

Götene Vin & Spritfabrik

Götene Vin & Spritfabrik AB produces and sells wines, spirits and other alcoholic beverages, as well as many non- alcoholic options. We also provide restaurants and caterers with a wide range of cooking products such as cooking oils, vinegars and cooking wines.

Vinfabriken Sverige AB

Vinfabriken Sverige AB develops and produces flavours in a bottle. The range consists of several critically acclaimed mulled wines, ciders, a highly esteemed gin and a large number of interesting wines from both Sweden and the rest of the world. Vinfabriken is at the heart of the Umida Group driving innovation and product development. We are passionate about and have extensive expertise in the development of new flavours, blends and products.

Brands For Fans

Brands For Fans are a Swedish company on a global market, leading within marketing and sales of alcoholic beverages produced by and with artists. Working closely with bands/artists like Ghost, HammerFall, In Flames, Jonas Åkerlund, Motörhead, Mustasch, Plura, Rammstein, Slayer, Status Quo and Sweden Rock Festival, attractive products are launched for the fans. Our method of creating business success for both artists and drinks producers has allowed us to reach both the rock audience as well as drink-aficionados by working creatively with our releases and credible communication.

Cefour International

Cefour sells and distributes beverages bottled in specially designed, practical and ready to drink disposable glasses made from shatterproof and recyclable plastic. We offer an exceptionally efficient serving solution that is suitable for everything from catering, events, fast-food and supermarkets to the airline and hotel industry.