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Alpe d’HuZes is a Dutch cycling event in which one of the main mountains in the Tour de France, the Alpe d’Huez, is climbed several times in succession under the motto ”Never, ever quit!”.

The aim of the cycling event is to raise money for research into cancer. Alpe d’HuZes adheres to a strict no-overhead policy: the event runs on volunteers and all costs are borne by the participants themselves. In other words, each euro donated will be one euro donated to the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) / Alpe d’HuZes fund.

The event also relies on sponsorship and SPAR Netherlands has been the main sponsor and have been supporting this initiative jointly with it suppliers for a number of years. This year Easy Wine Glass have the privilege to be the official wine sponsor of the event and to be a part of the fundraising that last year contributed with more than 20 million euro´s for the fight against cancer.

Almost 5,000 participants and over 30,000 visitors will attend this years Alpe d´HuZes the 5th and 6th of june.

“We have a strong partnership with Spar, since they were the first to introduce Easy Wine Glass in the Netherlands in 2013. This have given us the opportunity to be a part of this life saving event and we sponsor Alp d´HuZes, because the Easy Wine Glass team all have a strong connection with human help and the research to stop cancer in the world. Besides that, sports is in our DNA”, says Mikael Bergholts CEO, Cefour Wine & Beverage.

For more information please contact:

Mikael Bergholts, CEO +46 (0)44-781 66 51

Cefour Wine & Beverage is a Swedish based company whose business idea is to produce, sell and distribute wine and other alcoholic beverages filled in specially designed, practical and ready-to-drink disposable containers made of recyclable plastic.

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