Casana® Tonic Ready-to-Drink 4.5%

Casana® Tonic Ready-to-Drink 4.5% is a ready-mixed organic drink with lightly carbonated tonic which is suitable for all occasions, from enjoying as an aperitif to savouring at parties. The drink is available in Systembolaget’s (regular assortment and can be found on the shelf for Cider & Mixed Drinks.

Aroma: The aroma is fruity with elements of grapefruit and citrus.
Taste: The taste is balanced sweet, fresh, refreshing and has distinctive elements of grapefruit and citrus as well as a light herbal sensation.
Colour: Light yellow and mildly carbonated.
Alcohol content: 4,5%
Sugar content: : 85 g/l
Volume: 330ml
Website: Casana

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