The Umida Group provides an expanding and exciting portfolio of proprietary brands and import products within different beverage categories.


Casana® Tonic Ready-to-Drink 4.5% is a ready-mixed organic drink with lightly carbonated tonic which is suitable for all occasions, from enjoying as an aperitif to savouring at parties. The drink is available in Systembolaget’s regular assortment and can be found on the shelf for Cider & Mixed Drinks.

Shot 4.4

Shot 4.4 is a series of delicious shot products with 25% alcohol content. A shot in the US is 4.4 cl, hence the name Shot 4.4. Raspberry/liquorice is the most popular flavour, but we also have pure liquorice in our portfolio today. And soon we will have several more innovative and tasty alternatives. Shot 4.4 is perfect as a pre-party drink or for ordering at the bar.


GR8 is a premium cider with a taste combination of mango and pineapple. It is a quality product containing Swedish-made fruit wine and is flavoured with natural ingredients. GR8 has a fresh, delicious flavour and the best way to enjoy it is well chilled. It is perfect as an aperitif and is a popular alternative to wine and beer. Soon, we will be expanding the range with several exciting, delicious flavour combinations.


The Vinfabriken brand is a guarantee of high quality. The Vinfabriken range includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as Krav/organic alternatives. Our most popular product is Vinfabriken’s Mulled Apple Wine and it is just as delicious served as a traditional hot toddy as chilled. Mead and fruit wine are among other exciting products that are emerging as part of our range under the Vinfabriken brand.

Brans For Fans

Brands For Fans are a Swedish company on a global market, leading within marketing and sales of alcoholic beverages produced by and with artists. Working closely with bands/artists like Ghost, HammerFall, In Flames, Jonas Åkerlund, Motörhead, Mustasch, Plura, Rammstein, Slayer, Status Quo and Sweden Rock Festival, attractive products are launched for the fans. Our method of creating business success for both artists and drinks producers has allowed us to reach both the rock audience as well as drink-aficionados by working creatively with our releases and credible communication.

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Selected By Glass

Selected by Glass is our brand of prefilled and ready to drink wine glasses made of shatterproof, recyclable plastic. Especially appreciated and in demand at events, festivals and concerts. Our range today offers a selection of red, rosé and white wines.


Biostilla Organic Gin is an entirely organic product that we import from Italy. It’s a best seller at Systembolaget with its environmentally friendly PET bottle profile. The range also consists of traditional classic grappa, an organic vodka and a zippy limoncello.


Blomberg is our brand for cooking products, such as cooking wine, vinegar and oils. The brand is linked to Blomberg Manor which dates back to the 11th century. We also provide a completely organic line of products under the Blomberg brand. The Blomberg portfolio of products is marketed to the catering industry.