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The Umida Group AB is a group of companies in the beverage industry comprising Götene Vin & Spritfabrik AB, Vinfabriken AB, Cefour International and Brands For Fans AB.

We produce, market and sell wines, spirits, ciders, mulled wines and other alcoholic beverages, and we also have many non-alcoholic options in our portfolio. Moreover, the range includes a wide variety of cooking products for the large-scale catering market.

The Umida Group is an innovative, flexible, quality and environmentally conscious beverage company and our vision is to create sustainable taste sensations. For us innovation and product development are of the utmost importance and taste sensations, ecology and sustainable packaging take centre stage.

The Umida Group’s own brands include among others Casana and Blomberg. Furthermore, we have an extensive capacity for contract production and we produce external clients’ brands for both the Swedish and foreign markets.

The latest addition to our corporate group is Brands For Fans AB, which develops and sells alcoholic products in collaboration with well-known artists and bands. Brands For Fans has a broad product portfolio with a number of strong registered trademarks as well as a stable customer and partnership base with both national and international relationships.

The Umida Group is a member of Sprit & Vinleverantörsföreningen (Wines & Spirits Suppliers Association), SVL, which is a trade organisation for Swedish importers and producers of wines and spirits.