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Product News

The Umida Group provides an expanding and exciting portfolio of proprietary brands and import products within different beverage categories.

Brands For Fans

Brands For Fans are a Swedish company on a global market, leading within marketing and sales of alcoholic beverages produced by and with artists. Working closely with bands/artists like Ghost, HammerFall, In Flames, Jonas Åkerlund, Motörhead, Mustasch, Plura, Rammstein, Slayer, Status Quo and Sweden Rock Festival, attractive products are launched for the fans. Our method of creating business success for both artists and drinks producers has allowed us to reach both the rock audience as well as drink-aficionados by working creatively with our releases and credible communication.



Casana® Tonic Ready-to-Drink 4.5% is a ready-mixed organic drink with lightly carbonated tonic which is suitable for all occasions, from enjoying as an aperitif to savouring at parties. The drink is available in Systembolaget’s regular assortment and can be found on the shelf for Cider & Mixed Drinks.


Le Petit Berét

The wines are 100% non-alcoholic throughout the production process, from the harvesting of the grapes to the drop of the wine. This is a significant factor and allows us to guarantee consumers that the product is just completely non- alcoholic.


LACKS! is a series of tasty shot products with 25% alcohol strength. We proudly produce LACKS in our modern facilities at Götene Vin och Spritfabrik in Götene. Lacks are available in three different flavors, where Hallon / Lakrits is the most popular flavor and our main product. Lacks can be found in most of the System- bolaget shops and also at plenty of restaurants and bars all over Sweden.



Monte Flor

In 1954, a group of entrepreneurial wineries founded San Isidro Cooperative. In 2007, San Isidro, with more than 50 years of experience and an expert team, developed Bodegas Latúe. Bodegas Latué is today one of Spain’s most modern plants, specializing in organic wines in large-scale production.

Oak barreled red organic wine of the varieties Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Garnacha. A fruity and full-bodied wine with sun-ripe tones of red berries, herbs and oak barrels.


Blomberg is our brand for cooking products, such as cooking wine, vinegar and oils. The brand is linked to Blomberg Manor which dates back to the 11th century. We also provide a completely organic line of products under the Blomberg brand. The Blomberg portfolio of products is marketed to the catering industry.